Post Operative Instructions

Because these procedures are very noninvasive, there are very few restrictions you will have after your treatments.

For the first 48 hours after each procedure, we recommend you keep compression on the treated leg. You may purchase compression stockings at our office, or we will provide you with a prescription to obtain stockings at a local medical supply store.

You will need to refrain from any heavy lifting or straining during the first 48 hours after surgery. This includes exercise or any activity that will significantly increase your heart rate.

We encourage you to get up and walk at least every hour or two the first few days after surgery during the hours you are awake. This will help decrease your risk of blood clot.

When you are at rest, it is always a good idea to elevate the leg to prevent increased bruising and swelling.

You may shower once you have removed the dressing and stocking from your leg two days after the procedure. We ask that you wait to take a bath or soak in any body of water until 2 weeks after surgery, to allow any small incisions in the skin to completely heal.

It is normal to have some soreness in the leg where treatment was performed. This is due to inflammation in the tissue. We will provide you with a prescription for Ibuprofen which we encourage you to take, as it will help significantly with any pain or soreness you may develop.

You really have no restrictions with physical activity after the first 48 hours. We ask that you continue to wear your compression stockings for the next 10 days during the hours that you are awake, especially if you are on your feet. This will help with the inflammation in your leg, and will also assure the treated vein will successfully close down as we hope.

When it comes to instructions after Sclerotherapy (treatment of the spider veins), there are very few restrictions. We do ask that you wear your compression stockings the day of the treatment, as well as 3 days afterwards, just during the day. We also ask that you wait to soak in water until 48 hours after the treatment, but showering is permitted right away if desired. It is a good idea to avoid prolonged sun exposure or tanning during the sclerotherapy process. This will assure you do not develop any unwanted staining, or brown spots, where veins have been treated. There are no restrictions when it comes to physical activity after sclerotherapy.