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The field of medicine is always changing. For the last 23 years, Dr. John Koziarski has provided general surgical care, phlebology (vein) care, and cosmetic services to Southwest Michigan residents. Over the last 5 years the field of Functional Medicine has taken on a very prominent role in the care of his patients.

Applying the principles of Functional Medicine, Dr. Koziarski has seen patients with severe, chronic illness get back to healthy, productive, pain-free lives; all without surgery! This excitement lead Dr. Koziarski and Carrie Palmer, PA-C, providers at Family Surgical, to pursue certification by The Institute of Functional Medicine. Dr. Koziarski was the first physician in Calhoun County to offer the Functional Medicine model.

The Functional Medicine model takes the current scientific and medical knowledge and applies it to the treatment of chronic medical problems in a way that is a little different than what is typically taught in medical schools. Rather than naming a disease and treating the symptoms, functional medicine looks first at the patient, and tries to determine the root cause as to why the patient is unhealthy. Rather than suppressing symptoms, we re-establish health.

This philosophy of health care is going to be the new paradigm of medicine. The demand for care in this field has been exponential and unexpected. To meet this demand, on Jan 1, 2017, Dr. Koziarski stopped performing general surgery. Family Surgical is evolving and beginning July 5th of 2017, will no longer be known as Family Surgical, but Restorative Health Care and will be open for business at the new location, 2855 Capital Avenue SW, Battle Creek, MI.

By utilizing the
Functional Medicine approach, and the same caring staff from Family Surgical, Restorative Health Care will strive toward providing lifelong improvements in the health of their patients.

Dr. Koziarski has been a leader in the treatment of vein disease for over 20 years. He will continue to offer the most advanced vein care
in the treatment of leg pain and varicose veins. Family Surgical has most recently added the VenaSeal™ procedure as well as the ClosureFast™ (RFA) procedure to its line of treatment options. Correcting the effect of years of venous insufficiency can put youthfulness back in your step, and make your legs look and feel better!

For patients looking to restore some of the effects of aging, Family Surgical has been successfully performing CoolSculpting® (non-surgical fat reduction), since 2013 and continues to add to their non-invasive cosmetics line. In addition to CoolSculpting®, Restorative Health Care now offers other non/minimally invasive cosmetic services such as 
Ultherapy® (non-invasive lifting and tightening of the face/neck), Cellfina™ (cellulite treatment), and Botox® (temporary removal of facial wrinkles). Restorative Health Care also offers FREE consults for all cosmetic services. There will even be an infrared sauna soon available to patients!

Restorative Health Care’s goal is to help you restore your body and achieve your maximum health and well-being. Dr. Koziarski and his staff look forward to having you come along with them on this journey!

"I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the people that have entrusted their lives, or the lives of their loved ones, to me.
Every day I try to use my God given skills and knowledge to the best of my ability in the hopes that I am improving someone’s life.
This will not change; only the avenues to restore health will.”

John Koziarski, MD